All About Prescription Eyeglasses And How to Buy Them Online

How do I buy eyeglasses online?

Well, It is a great question! In this simple guide I will explain all of the key elements of buying prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. We will learn all about lenses and frames to fit your lifestyle.

It all starts with the frames.. How do I pick frames?

Picking frames is fun! Eyeglasses are the new face jewelry. First of all, think about who you are. Are you sporty? Are you classy or trendy? What look do you want to achieve? Do you want to look like a professor or a geek? Or, do you want to draw attention away from some of your face features with a very colorful element on the frame?

The right frame has to fit your face. There are two major rules:

1) Ophthalmic frames not supposed to extend beyond the widest bony part of your face.

2) Your pupils have to be in the middle of the lenses, especially if you have a high prescription.

When picking frames, try to match something; it can be your eye color, hair, skin or clothes.

There are classic combinations such as blond hair and red frames (you can also through a red lipstick in this awesome combination)

If you have black hair, try a black frame first!

Brunettes look very nice in tortoise; just play with the shade of it.

Redheads usually look nice in tortoise, blue and green. Blue and green colors look good because redheads usually have blue or green eyes, plus, it creates a very nice contrast.

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